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ABOUT jori

Hi there! My name is Jordana Stevian, but you can call me, "Jori".


Creativity has been my heart song since I was very little, so it wasn't a surprise to anyone that I ended up choosing art school for College. In 2005, I graduated Columbia College Chicago with a B.A. in Commercial photography. I adored the time I spent in the studio lighting a plethora of objects in order to make them come to life, but it wasn't until I took my camera out of the studio and began working with people that my spirit came alive.


From there, photography became much more about the experience of capturing special moments. I became the the facilitator of people's stories. What a gift it has been to capture the small (and large) moments in life that might go otherwise unnoticed. From weddings, to newborns, to families, each is a unique and fun experience.

When you hire me as your photographer, I show up as your friend first. We will discuss what you are looking for, so I can choose the proper location, time of day, and provide you with direction on outfit choices. From there, we will work together to create something that you will cherish for years to come!

Contact me today so we can create some beautiful memories together!

Heart Lock and Crown
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